Jazmin Chiles

Cosmetologist + Owner, Inspired by Beauty Salon and Spa

Jazmin Chiles reminds us to never underestimate the power of our childhood dream.Since kindergarten, she’s had a dream to uplift the beauty in all women as a hairdresser.

At 25 years old, she’s now the founder and owner of Inspired by Beauty Hair Salon and Spa, a stunning and luxurious salon and spa that is true goals for your perfect self-care day.

Her salon has provided opportunities for more women to jumpstart their careers in cosmetology and build their own businesses. “It’s important to build seats for other women because the stronger you stand for something together the more impact you can have on the world.” Jazmin is Here to Stay!


Kerry Clark Speake

Creative Director

“No one else in my world did this before me that I knew personally. So I created my own path one step at a time. I made a lot of mistakes but more importantly I grew, I evolved, I challenged myself and met people I never would have known had I followed my fear.”

Kerry Clark Speake is a creative director that followed her passion for art and design to lead a career in global companies such as @adidas@levis and @ralphlauren. Inspired by creative women like Anna Sui and Donna Karan, Kerry pursued a career in design, "after seeing women playing a leading role not a supporting role.”

Kerry is the co-founder of @the_commons_us, an online destination for American made goods for the home. The Commons has partnered with STARworks, a non-profit organization with the mission of economic growth through art and craft.

She is committed to opening doors for more women and creating opportunities for all.

Kerry is Here to Stay!


Tracie Wong

Plant Consultant + Owner, Little Roots PDX

Tracie Wong is everyone’s favorite plant whisperer, that turned her passion into one of Oregon’s favorite plant boutiques.

With over 10 years of experience, Tracie has made her mark in Portland by enhancing the beauty of homes and spaces with green living.

As the founder and owner of Little Roots PDX, she not only sells plants in her store but hosts workshops that bring people together and encourage community.

Tracie is Here to Stay!


Ramonita Smith

Purpose Marketing, Nike

“Playing sports opened a lot of doors for me. It paid for my education, allowed me to travel the world, and eventually landed me in my career. Sport saved my life.

A brand manager in Purpose Marketing at Nike, Ramonita Smith uses her passion for sport and corporate platform to make a meaningful impact in diverse communities.

As a first generation college graduate from Georgetown and an avid believer in building community, she aims to create space for more women to have a seat at the table and ensure their voices are heard.

Ramonita is Here to Stay.


Fatou Outtara

Head Chef and owner, Akadi PDX

Born and raised in Ivory Coast, Fatou Ouattara is the head chef and owner of Akadi West African Cuisine. As an African immigrant, she came to Portland with one goal — turn her “dreams into plans. Nothing less.”

While pursuing her business administration degree at Portland State University and juggling now useful but once unappreciated “finance and accounting classes”, she followed her passion for cooking and kicked off her catering business out of her dorm. You read right, HER DORM!

Upon graduation, Fatou opened the “Africk Cuisine” food cart in downtown Portland. With a growing demand from her devoted customers and constant sold out dishes, Fatou opened her first brick and mortar restaurant, Akadi West African Cuisine.

Her restaurant brings together communities from around the world and creates new opportunities for women starting their careers in the food industry.

Fatou is Here to Stay!